Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

“Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear.

You won’t forget the first wave you will ride and enjoy in Tangalle !

Our Team Sam & Lasi makes sure you will learn how to surf in a fun & safe environment.

All Beginners will learn in waist deep water to ride small waves.

We will take you to spots based on your skill level: easy beach breaks for our beginners,( Blue Beach ) beach breaks & easy reef breaks for our intermediate (Hirikatiya)surfers and more challenging spots for our advanced surfers. We have plenty of spots.

Not only teaching the skills of surfing is our main goal, also ocean awareness, reading wave conditions, surf etiquette & everything you have to know to enjoy the sport & the water.

We are always right next to you in the water keeping you safe, analyzing your style, helping to improve and most important: celebrating your waves!

We are providing surf lessons for everyone: all ages, all sizes, all gender, all nations!


We base our coaching on you, the person on this surfing journey. With 10 continuous years of coaching we’ve developed unique techniques and a system that allows every individual to find personal progression and success.
We are known for that care and attention at our Surf School tangalle over the last 21 years and before that in the tangalle and it turns our regular client base into an international family. From total beginners who we’ve seen become national champions and who now coach others, this system works.on a daily basis is also a key to your progression. We know that the in detail insights that our coaches give you into your paddling and riding bring new understanding to your surfing and progression into your next session. Lots of fun too of course .basically we are doing our surf lesson on blue beach and Hirikatiya too.  come and enjoy with us .

Our Guest Comment

Hold on, chillax! Some happy customers sayings abou us 

Thank you Sam for great surffing days! It was my first time surfing but my boyfriend had surfed a couple of times but we took the lessons together. We first booked two lessons but had so much fun that we decided to take one more. Sam was a great teacher and also challenged us when we progressed by taking us to bigger waves and letting us try different board sizes and types. It wasn’t necessarily cheap but it was definitely worth it as they were all private lessons! So we highly recommend
A lifetime experience! Had wonderful 2 courses with Lashi and really enjoyed every minute of them! He’s a great and patient instructor, made me feel safe and confident the whole time, having me standing on a first wave and even on a waxboard the second day! Transport, towels, water and coconut included (also aloe vera first aid if you happen to burn your face). If you’re anywhere near Tangalle, don’t miss out!

Tangall surf school ,No.26, Wijaya road , Tangalle , WHATAPPS +94716789932